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2019 with Jo-Ná:
1:1 coaching to expand
​​​​​​​your life and business 

Imagine this:

You’re employed but you’re ready to finally invest the time and energy
into being an entrepreneur but you want to do it the right way


You’ve  been an entrepreneur for awhile and you’re doing ok but your business isn’t
feeling like home and you’re ready to finally create the business of your dreams while
growing to the next stage of your revenue


You’ve reached a certain level of success but you’ve been left thinking, “Is this it?,
This isn’t how it’s supposed to feel right?, Where’s the fulfillment?, Where’s the joy?”  


You’re a entrepreneur and you realize that your business is running you.  
You’re feeling burnt out, disoriented and ready to change. You’re ready to feel the
magic again in your life…or maybe even for the first time…

If any of these describe you, I can definitely relate.

"A few years ago, I’d
reached the pinnacle of my
success at that time,"

I’d been featured in all the magazines in my wildest dreams: Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur and many others…

I was speaking at amazing venues like Brooklyn Museum, NYU and schools around the country.

 I was financially successful reaching over 700K in sales and had a team of employees and contractors helping me build the empire I’d always envisioned…

I was living in Manhattan in a gorgeous apartment and had my dream clients
and friend base of successful, famous entrepreneurs


All of this while was self-made…no financial assistance, no partner,
or real estate to pick up the slack…just blood, sweat, late nights and drive…

While it was looking pretty sweet from the outside, I was also

- 45 pounds heavier
- Suffering with severe anxiety
- Getting up every day rushing to my computer with fear that I would “Fuck it all up”
- Feeling stressed, pressured and miserable
- Feeling the financial pressure my overstretched business
- Going to sleep at night unfulfilled and asking myself what was the point?
- Treating everyone around me horribly, and I treated myself even worse.

​​​​​​​I wanted a way out of the hell I’d built for myself. I was severely burnt out.

Yep, I was successful by societal standards….but happy, fulfilled, peaceful and juicy
were nowhere on the list. What was missing in all of this was me. My divinity, my joy,
my pleasure, my freedom
, So I decided to do something about it...by any means necessary... I created the life I wanted to live.

Through a set of huge ruptures, transitions, rebuilding and faith, I did what was necessary
to surrender what I thought I needed to become the woman I knew I could be…

and I can say that I am now living my absolute best life.

Yes, I am 45 pounds lighter
Yes, I am have massive growth in my business and life every year
Yes I built the business that feels like home
Yes I wake up with positive anticipation
Yes, I receive even more amazing opportunities to speak all over the world about
​​​​​​​this experience including places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Rent the Runway and Forbes…

What’s even better than all that...I feel myself.

I feel my happiness.

I am connected to my sacredness,
my peace and my pleasure...My freedom.
Is everything perfect? No (that imaginary)...but I’m living my best
life crafted perfectly for me and it’s whole
(rupture and raptures included).

I know how to build a beautiful life from the inside out
​​​​​​​and that wasn’t easy but it’s so worth it.

Now, I teach my clients:

 - How to build the business of their dreams, with the right structures for sustainability

- How to cultivate a life they feel excited to wake up to every morning

- How to connect to the sacredness within themselves and their divinity

- How to embody the light that will create even more exciting opportunities

- How to live life at the highest levels of bliss and have a business that supports it all!

If this sounds like what you desire and what you’re looking to build for 2019 apply below.



I’m a strategist so this program is customized to you based on my
evaluation combined with your desires and goals.

Here’s some of the topics we could work on together :

Your business structure - Creating the right team, legal structure, products,
services and framework that feels aligned with you;

Your brand - How to identify what makes you and your work unique. Creating all
the energetic, visual and textual elements to communicate your message effectively
bringing you your dream clients, customers and audience;

Your personal life - What’s not working in your life from all angles (financially,
relationships, spiritually, physically, creatively, etc.) and how we can "turn you on"
and cultivate a life of pleasure and magic for you through practice;

Your healing -  How to recover from severe burnout. How to release the limitations
and victimhood that may be holding you back, how to treat yourself as the diamond
you are while allowing the complete expression and embodiment of your emotions;

Your financial business growth - Evaluating your profit margins and
​​​​​​​restructuring your plan to create explosive growth in your business.

If you’re ready to experience the life truly meant for you apply below.



 Now this experience is not for everyone it’s not.   
 it’s not for you if: 

You’re deeply religious or dogmatic,

​​​​​​​If wellness and indigenous spiritual practices scare fill you with deep fear
​​​​​​​(not intrigue or excitement),
If you’ve already fulfilled in your business, hitting your
   financial growth goals and feel developed in your personal
   practices and don’t see the need for guidance or growth
   in those areas,

If you think that coaching is a waste of money or you’re
   resistant and skeptical of coaching,

If you are having 911 financial hardships you can't 
   afford to pay for customized 1:1 work and still meet the         
​   other final responsibilities in your life.

            Ok I’ve got you. Here are some more details…                 
            The structure:    

           - 12 month commitment,

           - (1) 3 Hour Intensive

           - Weekly 60 Minute calls (1st 3 weeks of the month)

           - Unlimited Email access

           - Your own client portal for access to our work together
              and documents

           - “What’s App” 24-hour access to me

           - (1-2) 90 Minute Intensives  

            - Investment - $1200-$1500 a month


However, don’t take my word for it.
Here’s what some of my 1:1 clients have to say :
Fiona Zwieb

I thought I had the basic knowledge to carry out my business idea on my own. Wow, was I wrong! Not only did I find the perfect coach for my business and myself, I found a friend in the fight to give empowerment to artists. Jo-Ná is truly a blessing in my career. If we hadn't worked together I wouldn’t have the confidence or the knowledge I have today to reach my goals. I made back the money I invested within 6 months because of her advice. You are wasting your time by waiting to work with Jo-Ná. Jo-Ná is the best coach there is!

Caits Meissner

When I first signed on, I felt I’d hit the glass ceiling in my visioning. I was pretty stumped about how to turn my informal work into a career path that honored my artistry. Since our work together, I have launched my rebranded site and my marketing looks and feels right and I've learned the value of consistency in aesthetic, voice and engagement. My biggest accomplishment has been developing and delivering my online course, "Digging Deep,Facing Self." Jo-Ná helped me deliver a free online class - which 200 people signed up for, 90% of which were a new audience. I've now run 7 successful, full rounds of the course - reaching over 200 women from, literally, around the world. I have hired a paid Lead Facilitator, Media Producer and Financial Advisor, among other team members. Eleven of our alumni now serve on an advisory team, helping determine the scholarship offerings for a handful of rounds, the arts and immigration organization, CultureStrike funded a scholarship for an undocumented woman writer to take the course. Our work has been featured in newspapers and magazines here in New York, in Tanzania, Africa and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! If you’re ready to grow, professionalize, have an incredible support system and see serious results in your life, then sign up with Jo-Ná. Only if you’re ready though. She's special.

Cindy Hospedales

Working with Jo-Ná It is absolutely worth the investment. From a financial standpoint, it absolutely will put more money in your pocket. So it pays for itself. I was searching everywhere for the answers of how to become successful, and I was stressing myself out with all of the conflicting information. My biggest challenge was that I just didn't trust myself, didn't trust people, and didn't trust the universe. That lack of trust caused a lot of anxiety. Jo-Ná taught me how to go within for the answers. With that, all of the other issues went away. It wasn't easy, because I had a lot of resistance/stories that I was fighting against, but the support made it doable. My business has grown to 30 students, and it continues to grow. At my last student recital, it was so packed that I had to split the performance into two sets so that everyone could have a seat.  I'm much more connected to my body and my intuition these days. I have a daily spiritual practice in which I make time to hear from my inner guidance system, and I get crystal clear advice every time. The level of personal growth I experienced working with Jo-Ná is priceless!

Diana Dorell
Working with Jo-Ná as my coach I’ve made more in my business than I’ve ever made to date. I’ve crafted a brand-new program, gotten more clarity on who my market is and have taken steps to up my game. If you commit 110% (as Jo-Ná does to each of her clients), you will be amazed at how far you’ll come in a very short period of time. After only ONE month I made my investment back (and then some)! Also, I am feeling confident and excited to work with clients on my brand-new intuitive love coaching program. I always feel like Jo-Ná has my best interests in mind and she meets me exactly where I am but also pushes me to where I intend to go.
Julia Erickson
​​​​I am very happy with the work I did with Jo-Ná in preparation for opening Jolie, my wellness business.  Jo-Ná gave me a lot of clarity on how to craft a brand.  I was a novice. I learned the basics of what makes a good branding strategy and the components of creating a recognizable brand. I chose colors, worked on my logo, crafted a tagline, established the key parts of my business, and paint a portrait of my target client. Invaluable was Jo-Ná’s ability to decipher my ideas into concrete language and consumable materials for my clients.  I left with a clear to do list and many next steps to think about as well as work toward. All in all, it formed a strong basic for the rest of the work in opening Jolie.
Jullien  Gordon

I was looking for a way to connect with my audience on a deeper level and Jo-Ná inspired me to think bigger about myself and my brand, but more importantly made me think about who I was serving even more than I thought about myself. That redirected my energy and approach to all of my communications. We repositioned my brand and identified my tribe of "hard workers." We also re-launched my website to reflect my new insights about who I am in the world and who I am meant to serve. She pushes you to do things that at first appear to be somewhat random, but everything comes together in the end. Jo-Ná has a master plan. Just trust her and you'll see. Jo-Ná is the real deal.

Boyuan Gao

Jo-Ná was so in tuned to who we are as a partnership, and what we have to offer in the world, and Jo-Ná helped us intuitively meld all of those bits and pieces of ourselves into a cohesive roadmap for our future. Jo-Ná does not play around, and things really take off once the work is put in. She really instills in her clients a sense of confidence to own who we are, and for that I am forever grateful. She is the best.

Jahan Mantin

Prior to working with Jo-Ná we were wrapping up our former business and searching for what we wanted to do next but unclear and unfocused in how to "get there." Working with her, We became clear about our audience,  who we wanted to serve, what value we brought to the table and the building blocks and roadmap to our next phase. Jo-Ná is kind, generous, loving and passionately committed to having you achieve your goals. She is not afraid to tell what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Jo-Ná’s work and guidance provided us with the clearing to embark on a new business with more clarity in our approach than ever before!

Gabriella Dennery

I admit Jo-Ná pushed some buttons and I wasn’t thrilled about that, but it was sooooo necessary. And I’m grateful. As a result of working with Jo-Ná, I produced Grace Drums second annual concert at a 320 seat theater this year up from 117 seats last year. We doubled our attendance! My desire in this lifetime is to earn a great living doing what I love, teaching and performing African inspired percussion...a real niche market to say the least! But that didn't phase Jo-Ná. With her keen marketing eye,  She knew exactly what to recommend to get a much needed infusion of cash for myself and for my business, “From Zero to Show: a 12 week comprehensive Djembe drumming program for the beginner adult.” My goal was to enroll 10 students. I'm thrilled to say I got to 7, and was able to bring an extra $2,500 that didn't previously exist. I have no doubt that there's more amazing-ness to come. If you really serious about your career as an entrepreneur, I’d say work with Jo-Ná !  It’s a big step and well worth it. If nothing is risked, nothing is gained.

Cydny Pina

It’s official, I’ve taken the leap! I’ve been trying to bring this vision to life for over 2 years now. Thanks to the fabulous help of Jo-Ná in under 2 months, it has finally come to life.  Thank you!

Aly Tadros

When I first signed on, I doubted whether or not I was even in the right industry. I was jaded and struggling for inspiration.
​​As an independent musician I get bombarded DAILY by people promising to “take me to the next level” in exchange for my cash. I’ve thrown thousands of dollars in promotion and marketing that fell flat. I was honestly afraid that Jo-Ná wouldn’t follow through on her promises. Now because of our work together, I have a new website, new brand and I have an ongoing relationship with my fan base now. I am genuinely excited to get up and do what I do every day. We laid the groundwork toward what will be an incredible career, more importantly, an incredible life! She was worth every penny.

Follow up with Aly Tadros after her release:
​​​​​​​“I couldn't have done any of this without you. The work we
did together is a part of everything I do now. From the songs to the stories, and how I carry myself on stage. It's been such a process. It's a little scary to say this, but this is the first time I've created a body of work that I truly believe will move people, and I'm so fucking excited to share them. Thank you for helping me believe in myself. (okay now i'm getting emotional).”

Simon Fishburn
Working with Jo-Ná got me looking at "me" as a brand in a whole new light, helping me elevate my value and getting me clearer on my vision for the future. At times, it wasn't the easiest of experiences as I was resistant to some exercises which later proved to be some of the most valuable and beneficial experiences of our time together. So if you're looking for someone to make you walk through the doorway to success that you have opened for yourself Jo-Ná the one to help you.


I would love to work with you in this program and
help you heighten ​​​​​​​the experience of your life at every level.

It’s time to start mastering joy, pleasure and prosperity in all areas of your life....
start living sacredly and see your wildest dreams, ​​your best life and your
greatest vision become real.

​​​​​​​Stop dreaming it, start living.

I’m ready if you are. Let’s make 2019 your best year yet.



 About Jo-Ná

Jo-Ná A. Williams is an attorney, coach, author and speaker who founded J.A. Williams Law – The Artist Empowerment Firm in 2011 to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders with ways to successfully navigate their careers and provide assistance with business and intellectual property matters. She founded her business and life coaching practice (formerly called, Artist Empowerment) in 2013 to advise entrepreneurs and artists on entrepreneurship, building profitable businesses to support their work and creating a foundations
to thrive in all areas of life.

Some of her clients have written New York Times best-selling books, been nominated for Grammys, won Academy awards, have been listed on the Billboard Top 100, and have received local and International acclaim. She’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Black Enterprise, MarieTV, The Root and has spoken at Facebook, LinkedIn, NYU, and Rent The Runway, amongst others.

She was recently named one of the Top 40 Lawyers under 40 in the country by the National Black Lawyers. She’s also a certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Energy Therapist. She's licensed to practice law in New York.